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  • Freud Tools Tower

    Now with Freud´s unique, patented Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Router Bit system, you are able to build any style of cabinet door in a range of door thicknesses and sizes! This extremely easy-to-use solution gives you unlimited creative freedom, and solves the long-standing challenges and limitations of frame and panel door construction.

  • Router Bit Sets

    Serious woodworkers choose serious accessories. They choose Freud. An industry leader for over 50 years, the Freud name equals quality, precision and craftsmanship. Freud router bits feature Freud made TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide for maximum cutting life. And Freud bits are individually balanced, giving a cut above the rest. So when you're looking for a serious router bit, look for the Freud red.

  • Diablo Saw Blades

    Ideal for cutting oak, pine, plywood, pressure treated lumber and beams.An excellent choice for table & miter saws, this blade leaves a smooth cut in a variety of applications, reducing the need to change blades between tasks. Use it for rip cuts with a smoother finish than dedicated ripping blades, or make quality crosscuts in solid wood or plywood. Great for both sliding and “chop” style miter saws as well as table saws.


  • Reciprocating Blades

    Diablo wood cutting reciprocating blades last up to 2x longer than standard reciprocating blades. These specially designed blades include a Variable Tooth design for superior cuts and one-of-a-kind tip design for faster and easier plunging.


  • Quadra Cut Bits

    Application: Decorative edging for cabinets, molding and furniture
    Add distinctive design to cabinets, furniture, plaques, and millwork with these decorative edging bits. Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.  Use on hand-held and table-mounted routers. Freud's revolutionary Quadra-Cut design provides the cleanest router bit edge finish with no rework. These unique, patented bits employ four cutting edges, versus the industry standard of two, for a flawless finish on the most delicate of materials.

  • Forstner Bit Sets

    This set contains the seven of our Carbide Forstner Bits. From the 1/4" diameter to the 1-3/8" diameter these bits will outlast standard forstners many times over. These bits come packaged in a sturdy wooden case for protection and storage. Application: Drills all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, solid surface materials and softwoods. Use in hand held drills and drill presses. NEXT DAY DELIVERY = Martin Hardware is the Charlottesville area Freud Authorized Dealer. We can special order for next day delivery.


  • Special Orders

    NEXT DAY DELIVERY - Martin Hardware is the Charlottesville area Freud Authorized Dealer. We can special order Freud Products for next day delivery.


  • Carbide Sawlades

    Freud engineers have discovered the ultimate combination of fused tooth grind geometry, blade body rigidity, precise tensioning, a special carbide blend and superior carbide brazing, non-stick Perma-SHIELD® coating and high performance anti-vibration – all working together in concert to provide the ultimate cut. One blade does it all. Whether you’re ripping or crosscutting, a Premier Fusion blade will tackle any project.